Patricia Hogarth is a dual citizen of Australia and Ireland. A devoted world traveller, she has spent the last couple of years living in Kazakhstan while making regular visits to Spain, Australia and New Zealand.

Patricia discovered the thriller and horror genres as a twelve-year-old at boarding school. She huddled under a grey flannel blanket, a cold metal torch clutched in her small, shaking fist while a southerly bluster howled up the range. As an inquisitive preteen, she scared herself half to death, hours after lights out, reading The Exorcist. Her desire to write grew from there.

Despite taking a keen interest in literature at high school, Patricia chose to complete a science degree, and her studies have included subjects such as anatomy, psychology, dentistry, pharmacology and senior science teaching. Patricia is currently partway through a master’s degree in advanced health science.

After a career in children’s dentistry, Patricia is now writing full-time. Star-Crossed Lovers is Patricia’s debut novel, and the first of a three-part series involving tales of love, derangement and punishment set on an international stage. Patricia’s stories transport the reader from the slums of Nairobi and the villages of East Kazakhstan to the medinas of Morrocco and the beaches and mountains of Spain.

Patricia’s manuscripts reflect her interest in the concepts of right and wrong, and rationalisation and justification, in such forms as the opposing views of the prosecutor and defence lawyer.

An individual must be held responsible for their actions, but there are almost always mitigating circumstances. The abused so often becomes the abuser. A once-vulnerable victim grows into a callous perpetrator. Damaged people go on violent rampages.

Less-intense passions fill Patricia’s free time: reading, reading, reading and listening. Preparing feasts of fresh local produce for family and friends. Learning Russian and Spanish. Beach walks, swimming in the surf, and a big priority; a Maltese-Shitzu named Absinthe.

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