Patricia writes psychological thrillers: tales of violence, jealousy, and madness that venture into the darkest areas of the human heart.
Her novels explore the murkier aspects of the human psyche, exposing the depth of depravity that can dwell beneath a calm exterior. Star-Crossed Lovers and the other books in the series will especially appeal to readers who enjoy mysteries with a grimmer edge.

Star-Crossed Lovers

Someone very close to Angel was abducted, raped, and savaged. Angel witnessed the desecration.

After enduring the guilt and blame of the aftermath, Angel emerged triumphant, dreaming of a fairy-tale life.

Her psychiatrist warned, “What is learnt in trauma is never forgotten; it lies insidiously beneath the surface.”

Angel found true love and acceptance within days of meeting Daniel, a gorgeous Australian journalist. Then came the betrayal, and the darkness inside began to rise. No one was going to spoil the happy ending to her story.

Death-Marked Love

Kathryn, delusional and homicidal, hunts down the woman she despises, and the lives of an entire family are shattered. An innocent child is caught up in the mayhem. Will he survive her vendetta? 

Orlando’s Fury

Roland is a strange lonely child, a friendless orphan raised in a dysfunctional home. He battles the darkness and his obsession to find love and acceptance. Roland’s twisted psyche unravels during tumultuous teenage years, and manipulative voices urge him toward forbidden pastimes.


Sara and Talya were born a generation apart. Raised on different continents, they lead dramatically different lives. One has a miserable existence, marred by loss and lack; the other dwells in a bubble of good fortune. When a ruthless, violent man connects their worlds, the two women are thrown into a desperate fight to survive his lust, greed, and treachery.

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